Class and Derivative Actions

Robinson - Morley Law Firm's dedicated and committed Class and Derivative Actions team is focused on the leading companies and institutions in high profile cases nationwide.

For more than two decades, legal defense of class actions has been the main focus of Robinson - Morley Law Firm including defending class claims in antitrust, derivatives and securities actions, consumer scam, breach of warranty, environmental tort and other regulatory issues against financial institutions, manufacturers, retailers and insurance companies.

Our legal approach is to provide highly skilled legal practitioners to deal with class action litigations. Most of our consultants under this team are well-versed in the subject matter of the action. We also partner with attorneys who have previously practiced with some regulatory agencies and the Department of Justice or local law enforcement agencies, as appropriate.

For the last few years, we have successfully managed and handled nearly a thousand class action complaints and at present we are supervising more than 200 class actions court proceedings. In 2011, a hundred of our consultants worked exhaustively on class action defense issues in numerous venues in 20c states and territories.

We provide pool of talented consultants in every US office and our counterparts in Asia where there are claims needed to be resolved. We have safeguarded hundreds of class claims in all aspects of law, in every jurisdiction in the United States and in other continents where we operate. We have comprehensive plan most appropriate for the objectives and budget of our clients. We have also endeavored to resolved claims even before the juries and judges as we believe that anticipating possibilities is one of the most effective defenses in every class action.