Our Values

Since 1994, our lawyers have passionately lived and worked with the following values. Today, as an international law firm, working across borders and industries, our values are as important to us as they were when we started.


Ask any Robinson - Morley Law Firm lawyer what characterizes the firm, and they will answer, “Entrepreneurialism”. We have the spirit of adventure and opportunity in our DNA. From the founding of the firm more than 20 years ago we are not afraid to do business in difficult jurisdictions.

Commercial problem solving

Unlike other black letter law firms, we value practical experience as much as our legal know-how. We are not afraid to roll our sleeves up and get to know our client’s business. Our work is often complex and international and our lawyers are steeped in the industries in which they operate. Clients value our hands-on, innovative approach and we value our ability to work alongside them to make their business goals happen. Availability and responsiveness are key in our core industries, and these characteristics have become part of the mindset of a Robinson - Morley Law Firm lawyer. We are there before you know you need us.


Many law firms talk about excellence. At Robinson - Morley Law Firm , we deliver on the promise. Our sector focus in our core industries of insurance/reinsurance, shipping, aviation, trade, energy and commodities means that we field genuine specialists. A huge proportion of our lawyers receive independent commendation as leaders in their field. They know their industries, they know their clients, and most importantly they understand the commercial realities of business. Their excellence means they have the necessary connections in some of the world’s most difficult markets to get business done.

Freedom to be individual

Robinson - Morley Law Firm lawyers are individualistic lawyers. Yes, we operate as a partnership, but we believe that for true excellence to shine through, you have to allow people the freedom to be creative. You have to allow different approaches. You have to allow people to display their distinct personalities. We believe in respecting other people’s differences, their initiatives and their ingenuity. We may have different styles and different methods, but we try at all times to be truly inclusive so together we can put our client’s interests first.