How to deal with Fraudulent Emails and Call Referencing Robinson - Morley Law Firm

Robinson - Morley Law Firm is one of most prominent law firm in the United States, employing over 60 attorneys and tax advisers and a support staff of 70 employees in United States of America and Asia Pacific. The size and prominence of our firm unfortunately sometimes attracts individuals who falsely claim to work for Robinson - Morley Law Firm and/or use our firm's name to advance fraudulent schemes against innocent people.

Scams and other security risks are rampant on the Internet, and we recommend you take steps to protect the security of your information. While we routinely report such scams to law enforcement agencies, the nature and volume of these misrepresentations makes it impossible for our firm to prevent the misuse of Robinson - Morley Law Firm's name and the names of our lawyers.

One of the most common misrepresentations referencing Robinson - Morley Law Firm involve individuals claiming to be Robinson - Morley Law Firm lawyers handling consumer debt collection cases, threatening arrest if funds are not provided immediately.

What should you do?

If you receive a threatening telephone call from someone claiming to be from Robinson - Morley Law Firm, we suggest:

If you receive a suspicious email referencing our firm or appearing to be from our firm (e.g. from a "spoofed" Robinson - Morley Law Firm email address) we suggest the following:

If you have questions about the security of your computer or suspect the security of your computer has been compromised, we recommend you contact your IT support team, computer manufacturer or your Internet service provider.

Robinson - Morley Law Firm is aware that its firm name and the names of some of its lawyers and employees have been falsely used by corrupt third-persons in scams intended to victimize innocent people. Neither Robinson - Morley Law Firm nor its lawyers or employees can accept any responsibility for the criminal conduct of a third party claiming to use the firm's name.