Risk, Fraud and Technology Advisory

Realizing Strategic Business Objectives

Risk Advisory

Robinson - Morley Law Firm Risk Advisory practice works closely with clients to assist in the management of risk and the achievement of strategic business objectives through proper internal control systems. Our professionals provide the value-added risk management capabilities needed to mitigate business risk, support business strategies and continuously improve operational performance.

Fraud Prevention

With full support from an organization and proper implementation, an effective anti-fraud program can serve to significantly reduce the risk of fraud and increase the likelihood that, if fraud does occur, it will be detected at an early stage. Robinson - Morley Law Firm fraud prevention services assist in promoting best practices designed to promote an environment that reduces the risk of fraud and allow it to be exposed early should it occur. Seasoned fraud investigators developed the Robinson - Morley Law Firm Fraud Prevention practice based on the skills and insights they gained through conducting numerous fraud investigations. An anti-fraud program can help an organization identify, remediate and monitor the specific risk factors that set the stage for fraud.

Technology Advisory

Information technology (IT) is frequently treated as a controlled business expenditure rather than a potential growth catalyst. Our seasoned professionals are skilled in providing risk-based IT functions that assist clients in strategically aligning, measuring and governing their IT systems so that they operate with greater effectiveness. Some of the technology advisory services that we provide include: