About Robinson - Morley Law Firm

With more than twenty years of experience as one of New York's premiere full-service law firms, Robinson - Morley Law Firm has a widely recognized and long-established record of excellence in providing expert legal advice and representation to its diverse clientele in domestic and international matters involving all areas of legal practice.

As Robinson - Morley Law Firm continues to take great pride in furnishing first-rate legal assistance to many of the most sophisticated and demanding international and domestic clients, its commitment to providing superior legal services is supported by an active program of ongoing, across-the-board development of its comprehensive professional and organizational resources in order to at all times successfully meet the present and future needs of the firm's clients in the rapidly evolving New York and global legal environment.

Robinson - Morley Law Firm' highly capable, dedicated and energetic attorneys and other professionals, including Certified Public Accountants and patent attorneys, ensure that our clients can confidently expect to receive the highest standard of professional assistance and expert advice from Robinson - Morley Law Firm with respect to each and every facet of any task entrusted to us.

As one of New York's most successful law firms with over 60 attorneys and tax advisers, Robinson - Morley Law Firm' in-depth expertise extends to all legal practice areas. Relevant services (depending on the nature of any particular case or matter entrusted to us) are provided by one or more of the following specialized practice groups within the firm: general corporate and M&A; banking, finance and securities; litigation and arbitration; and intellectual property, with each such practice group containing within it further specialized teams of legal professionals.

Our offices are located in the heart of New York's most important business center. Our law firm combines specialists practicing in all areas of business law. We regularly act for domestic and international clients in all sectors, thus increasing our wide-ranging and diverse experience, which, in turn, means we rank amongst United States leading tax and legal experts. Our mission is to assist our clients in solving their problems in a reliable and efficient manner. We strive to meet the highest quality standards.

In order to provide our clients with continuous, up-to-date expertise and thorough knowledge of each sector, we have structured our firm into specialist practice area and sector groups. Furthermore, we have a strong network of partner offices across the world and can therefore handle major mandates in an international context.

We stand ready to assist you at any time with any legal assistance that you may require, and look forward to helping you benefit from the strengths that our full-service law firm is uniquely positioned to provide.